Children from the Braille Institute Experience a Sensory Adventure at Cavalia Odysseo in Camarillo

JANUARY 10, 2018

Today, a group of children who are visually impaired from Braille Institute serving the Tri-County areas of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties had a rare opportunity to experience an amazing and moving adventure at Cavalia Odysseo. The children, who rely heavily on their other senses to fully understand the world, were guided by Odysseo artists through a sensory journey created specifically to meet their special needs.

The group discovered Cavalia Odysseo’s equestrian and acrobatic world through a variety of hands-on exercises. Members of the cast allowed the youth to touch the horse’s soft coats, brush and groom them. They smelled and touched the horses’ food; felt and tried the saddles; and listened to the horses’ heartbeat and breathing with stethoscopes. The young guests also played percussion with musicians, discovered the texture of the costumes and danced with acrobats. At the end of the tour, riders brought their horses to a full cantering speed, allowing the children to feel the ground quake beneath their feet.

At the end of the tour, each child was gifted tickets to experience Cavalia Odysseo’s full show with their family.

ABOUT BRAILLE INSTITUTE: Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate barriers to a fulfilling life caused by blindness and severe sight loss. It serves thousands of adults and youth each year through a broad range of educational, social and recreational programs designed to help people with vision loss lead enriched and fulfilling lives. Services are provided through six Southern California centers and hundreds of other community locations. Additionally, Braille Institute’s national programs encourage school age students to pursue braille literacy and orientation and mobility skills. Funded by private donations, all services are free of charge.