Exceptional living conditions adapted to the needs of our retired horses.


We are often asked what our horses do after their time in the spotlight ends. First, it must be said that Cavalia’s horses are on tour for about 6 years on average. We then ensure that their retirement will provide exceptional living conditions adapted to the needs of each horse. These needs can vary depending on their abilities, their age and their physical condition.

We have a 72-acre farm almost exclusively dedicated to our horses’ retirement. In the summer, most are turned out all day and night. After Halloween, when the weather changes, they return to nights in the stall, but they still go out four to six hours a day.

Some of them will be offered a semi-retirement. The horse would then continue to be ridden and trained on a regular basis. The company works in finding an adoptive home that will give them this opportunity.


We have certain recruits who will not take part in any of our shows. It sometimes happens that we purchase a horse and realise, after a certain period of training, that it would be preferable for the horse not to go on tour with our shows. There can be several reasons for this: the horse is uneasy with traveling, has a health issue, isn’t suitably athletic, and so on. This is why we occasionally have horses to sell or to adopt. The sales and adoption conditions are rigorous in order to guarantee the horse will have a quality of life comparable to the conditions offered by Cavalia Inc.

The conditions for sale or adoption
There is a definitive advantage for a horse to maintain a particular social and emotional connection with a human. This relationship can provide an important foundation for growth and well-being in the horse’s life. In order to ensure that the horse being considered for adoption or sale can draw the benefits from such a relationship with his human counterpart, we wish to ensure there is a great degree of affinity between the adopted or purchased horse and his new two-legged companion.
The boarding facilities must be well ventilated and include large stalls allowing for communication between horses. Cavalia reserves the right to visit the boarding facilities before signing the adoption or sales contract, as well as at any other time in the future, within reason.
Exterior pasture
During the warm season, the horse must have access to a shelter for his protection if he is left outdoors all day and night. During the cold season, the horse must be able to sleep indoors. Every day, when the horse is brought out to pasture, he must be accompanied by at least one other horse.
Horse care
A regular appointment with a farrier every 6 weeks is required. Dental care must be provided at least once a year. Deworming and/or coproscopy should be completed on a regular basis. Veterinary care adapted to the horse’s state of health when required.
Cavalia's consent
The horse cannot be put up for adoption or sold to a third party without Cavalia’s prior consent. A stallion cannot be used for reproduction. The adopting party must agree not to make reference to Cavalia or to its trademarks Cavalia and Odysseo in any relation to the adopted horse for commercial purposes, for publicity, for media coverage or other reasons. The adoption is for personal purpose only. In no way can the horse be implicated in a show or equestrian demonstration.


If you are interested in purchasing or adopting one of our four-legged stars and you are confident that you can comply with the preceding criteria, please contact us to request an application form.