Cavalia Odysseo • Our horses have arrived at the White Big Top in Winnipeg!

May 8, 2018

Our seventy majestic horses have officially taken up residence at their new home in Winnipeg ahead of the equestrian extravaganza’s first show on May 12.

Arriving from a relaxing 10-day vacation, the 70 horses have settled into their spacious 1,600 square-metre stable tent next to Cavalia Odysseo’s signature White Big Top raised at the intersection of Sterling Lyon Parkway and Kenaston Boulevard.

The specially equipped trailers transporting the four-legged stars to Winnipeg were the last to arrive of the 110 semi-trailer trucks necessary to move the world’s largest touring production from its previous stop in Phoenix, Arizona. Following their red-carpet arrival, the horses reconnected with their human co-stars and will soon start rehearsals ahead of the premiere show next week.

You can find out more about how we care for our horses here.

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