Cavalia Odysseo • Our White Big Top is up in Winnipeg!

April 18, 2018

Our gleaming White Big Top – the largest touring tent on the planet – is now standing in Winnipeg at the intersection of Sterling Lyon Parkway and Kenaston Boulevard in preparation for our much-anticipated May 12 opening show.

Peaking at 38 metres, the White Big Top is part of a larger ensemble; the Cavalia Odysseo village will take shape over the next few weeks when a team of 80 experienced workers will be charged with its construction. The Cavalia Odysseo village consists of five tents: The White Big Top, the stable tent, the exclusive Rendez-Vous VIP tent, the warm-up and artistic tent, and the kitchen tent for the 150 permanent employees. In total, 110 semi-trailer trucks will be required to transport the world’s largest touring production to Winnipeg.

Covering a surface area of 5,425 square metres – the equivalent of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football field – Cavalia Odysseo’s impressive White Big Top is a mix of art, technology and advanced engineering. Latourelle partnered with specialized companies in Europe and Canada to create this high-tech structure.

Imagined by Normand Latourelle – one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil – Odysseo by Cavalia expands the definition of performance into an epic, yet soulful theatrical experience. The multi-dimensional and magical world of Odysseo is conjured through images of the most beautiful landscapes from around the world, projected onto a cyclorama which is three times the size of the largest cinema screens. The show is a feast for the eyes with staggering effects created by state-of-the-art scenery.

The wait is almost over, Winnipeg! Prepare to be amazed! 

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