A Red Carpet Arrival for our 70 Four-Legged Stars in Scottsdale, Arizona

February 16, 2018

Our seventy majestic horses have officially taken up residence at their new home in Arizona ahead of the equestrian extravaganza’s opening night in Scottsdale on Wednesday, February 21.

Every day the horses receive their share of pampering, including showers, grooming, massages, workshops with their riders, and outings to the paddocks where they roam and play. The performance aspect for each horse lasts roughly 12 minutes. The rest of their daily activities also include warm-up and free time. Cavalia Odysseo’s horse training is based on communication, observation and patience as well as a keen understanding of each horse’s talents and needs. The tone of the show, embraced by the entire company, is one of mutual respect, kindness and trust.

With only six days before Cavalia Odysseo makes its return to Scottsdale with a never-seen-before version of the show, workers are completing the installation of the largest touring production in the world.

Click here to view the photo album of our horses’ arrival and the installation of our White Big Top in Scottsdale.