Cavalia Odysseo • Our White Big Top is up in Scottsdale!

DECEMBER 19, 2017

Our gleaming White Big Top – the largest touring tent on the planet – is now standing in preparation for our much-anticipated February 21 opening show.

This time around, thanks to the addition of a third arch supporting and extending the size of the massive White Big Top, the performance area itself will be almost twice the size as the one seen during the last stop, enabling larger-scale, cutting-edge creative performances. The new scenic space will allow to build a full 3-story high mountain for astounding fresh perspectives, literally recreating nature on stage, a vast space of freedom for the horses and artists to display their intimate collaboration. The 17,500-square-foot stage – larger than an NHL ice rink – requires 10,000 tons of stone, earth and sand to create. Even more magical, spectacular and grandiose than before, this larger than life theatrical experience will soon mesmerize audiences of all ages in Scottsdale. Cavalia Odysseo now features more horses – 70 horses of 12 different breeds; and more artists – 50 talented riders, acrobats, dancers and musicians.

Imagined by Normand Latourelle – one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil – Odysseo by Cavalia expands the definition of performance into an epic, yet soulful theatrical experience. The multi-dimensional and magical world of Odysseo is conjured through images of the most beautiful landscapes from around the world, projected onto a cyclorama which is three times the size of the largest cinema screens. The show is a feast for the eyes with staggering effects created by state-of-the-art scenery.

The wait is almost over, Arizona! Prepare to be amazed! 

Visit our gallery for more pictures of our White Big Top raising in Scottsdale.